Beating the Flu

So far, this year’s flu season is looking pretty unpleasant. It started 5 weeks earlier than anticipated and, as rough as it is so far, has not yet peaked. News reports are filled with stories of the worst flu season in a decade, including the news that there have been 18 flu-related pediatric deaths so far this season.

So, with such grim reports, how do we protect ourselves and our children? Although I realize vaccinations are controversial, that is the Centers for Disease Control’s first recommendation.  The one bit of good news from this year’s flu season is that the vaccine developed for this season is so far proving to be effective for the strains of flu reported in the vast majority of cases.

The next piece of protection is staying home when you don't feel well. Simply stated, sick people make others sick. Anyone with a fever should remain isolated for 24 hours after the fever breaks without the use of medication. 

The final piece is just following simple health guidelines and ensuring that children do the same. Wash your hands regularly, cover coughs and sneezes, keep your hands away from your mouth, nose, and eyes, promptly dispose of tissues, and keep your desk, etc. clean and sanitary.

These simple steps will go far in keeping you and your children healthy.