"Green Eggs and Ham" Activities for Multiple Intelligences

Dr. Seuss’s birthday is coming up next week. To honor his birthday (and to celebrate “Read Across America Day” on March 1), I decided to put together a series of activities based on his classic “Green Eggs and Ham”. The activities are designed for multiple intelligences to provide something that will, hopefully, appeal to any student.

So, back to “Green Eggs and Ham”. It’s such a great book. It appeals to everyone from pre-readers to young readers and even old folks like me. It is written with only 50 different words (so that Dr. Seuss could win a bet with his publisher). The language is simple and its rhyming, repetitive format makes it very predictable.

While I have long extolled the virtues of this book, I forgot about the most important aspect of it. It’s just a blast to read out loud. Last week, I sat down and read the book with a student. The rhyme, the rhythm, the repetition; it just flows. We read back and forth, me reading most of it and my student providing the logical rhyming words. It was quite simply, a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both of us.

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss and, thank you.


Get the "Green Eggs and Ham" activities free by clicking for the Preschool version 

or the School-Age version

“Children's reading and children's thinking are the rock-bottom base upon which this country will rise. Or not rise. In these days of tension and confusion, writers are beginning to realize that books for children have a greater potential for good or evil than any other form of literature on earth.” ―

Dr. Seuss