Page Turners provides individualized intervention plans for students in grades Kindergarten through High School who struggle with reading and/or literacy.  Each student receives one-on-one instruction in my dedicated home office.

The core of the Page Turners program is either the Wilson Reading System or the Barton Reading and Spelling Program, depending upon the individual need of each student.  Both programs are Orton-Gillingham-based and are appropriate for improving the reading skills of children with dyslexia, as well as children with other language-based learning differences.

The keys that make these programs successful are that they are:

  • multisensory--A multisensory approach involves not just sight and hearing, as found in many educational environments, but also includes activities that allow the child to use sense of touch as well; such as moving letter tiles, tracing letters on sandpaper, or writing on a large whiteboard.

  • systematic--A systematic approach means that the instruction follows a specific scope and sequence that allows children to start accurately reading and spelling words with little confusion. For example, "b" and "d" are not taught near each other as they are frequently confused.

  • explicit--An explicit approach means that sound-spelling relationships are taught clearly and directly.

  • cumulative--A cumulative approach means that skills are taught, then reviewed and reinforced as new skills are added.

In addition to the Wilson Reading System and Barton Reading and Spelling Program, I am also available to teach the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing (LiPS) Program and Handwriting Without Tears

A main focus of Page Turners' program is to provide an environment in which each student feels safe to explore new ideas and concepts without the fear often associated with making a mistake.