Page Turners Reading provides services for the child who struggles with reading, whether due to dyslexia or other language-based learning differences.  I can help your child with reading, spelling, handwriting, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

The clinic is called Page Turners because that name represents my two goals for your child. My first goal is to help your child to "turn a new page" in reading.  Academic struggles can have a negative impact on a child's self-esteem, which can increase the struggle and lead to a cycle of failure that is frustrating and tough to escape.  I can help your child to break that cycle and "turn a new page" of success.

My second goal, through making reading less of a struggle for your child, is to help your child to develop a passion for reading.  I want to see your child turning a lot of new pages in a wide variety of books, simply because of a love for reading. 

Learning to read is not an easy or quick process, but it is vitally important for academic success.  The sooner you can recognize your child's struggle and get appropriate help, the sooner your child can start experiencing success in school.

Contact me and let's talk about your child's needs.