Misty Rose has been able to help my children vastly improve and understand the complexities of reading, writing, spelling and punctuation. Through the Barton Reading program Misty was able to break down and demonstrate techniques and practices that allowed my children to better equip themselves with the skills and confidence they needed to read. I attribute their growth to not only the program but also more importantly the instructor.

Misty is firm but caring and the personal touch and effort she has made in pursuit of their progress and accomplishments is rare. My children have worked with Misty in the school environment as well as in her home. She is accommodating in the flexibility of her schedule and has adapted her style and the specific progression of the program to fit the needs and pace of each individual child’s setbacks and success.

I would highly recommend that if your child is in need of reading skills and the availability exists that you make every effort to benefit from Misty’s unique aptitudes.